Heighten your style with a range of hand-made fedoras at the Fedora Hat Store.

Made for Aussies.

We’ve designed an affordable range of high quality fedora Hats for men and women. We are Australian based, and we have a fedora hat for everyone at the Fedora Hat Store.

Classic Hat

Crafted by Hand.

Crafted with care, our luxury Fedora Hat range includes the Classic Fedora Hat and The Classic Short Brim Fedora Hat which are made of 100% Australian Wool, making it a great choice for men’s fedora hats or women’s fedora hats! 

Classic Hats

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Classic Hat Green

Short Brim Fedoras

We offer stylish and unique short brim fedora hats, perfect for musicians or for those looking to heighten their style  on a classy night out. They are suitable as a men’s fedora hat or a women’s fedora hat! 


Classic Hat Tan

Wide Brim Fedoras

Our range includes wide brim fedora hats for outdoor wear in the great Australian outback. These fedora hats are also unisex, and great as a men’s fedora hat or a women’s fedora hat.


Classic Hat Beach Sand

Straw Fedoras

A variety of straw fedoras for casual and beach wear, appropriate as a fedora for men or a fedora for women.

Why the Fedora Hat Store?

At our exclusive Australian fedora hat store, we offer a wide range of fedora hats for men and women.
Our fedoras are sure to heighten your style and make a fashion statement.

✓    Our fedora hat range includes two styles made of 100% Australian wool.

✓    Our fedora collection includes short brim fedoras, perfect for a classy look.

✓    Wide brim fedoras are also available, offering added sun protection for the Australian outback.

✓    We also offer straw fedoras, perfect for those relaxed warm summer days.

✓    Our fedoras are unisex. If you’re after fedora hats for men or a fedora hat for women, we have got you covered!

Hand Made

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I bought the classic fedora hat - high quality fedoras and well priced.
Classic Black Hat
Michael S
Love the short brim fedora hats
I was after fedora hats for women and found the Jazz Fedora. I love it!
Classic Hat Blue
Katie B
Well priced fedoras
The summer fedora hat is affordable and looks good. Thanks!
Classic Hat Khaki
Charlie W

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